Perfect Your Smile The Painless Way

Perfect Your Smile The Painless Way

Dental professional. The word evokes recollections of noisy drills and aching jaw muscles – and discomfort.

It’s difficult enough to pressure yourself to choose just routine maintenance, however for cosmetic dental work? Even people who wish to improve the feel of their teeth and boost their smiles hesitate when dealing with the possibilities of applying veneers.

Traditional veneers usually involve the drilling or grinding of sensitive tooth structure, frequently requiring an anesthetic and painkillers following the procedure. Since the tooth structure is destroyed, veneers are irreversible.

A more recent alternative known as Lumineers by Cerinate supplies a painless method to straighten teeth instantly and make teeth whiter permanently. Produced from patented Cerinate porcelain in the Living room-Pad Corp., Lumineers are thin, yet strong, and could be used over crowns and bridges. The process is non-invasive and needs no anesthetic or numbing shots.

An additional advantage of Lumineers is your original teeth remain intact.

Dentists appear to become lauding the process. Very Condit, a dental professional in Raleigh, N.C., extols Lumineers.

“I had been surprised about how my first [procedure] went,” she stated. “Half an hour of ‘prep’ some time and a 1-hour delivery without any anesthesia. The individual loved it.”

Dental Products Report, a trade publication, lately awarded Lumineers a place on its listing of “Top Ten Products.”

“There’s pointless to suffer for beauty any longer,” stated Dr. David Nussblatt, a dental professional in New You are able to City. “Lumineers offers an amazingly natural, star-power smile easily and easily.”