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Cervical Disc Chiropractic Care

Neck, shoulder and arms pain is one of the most common ailments. At one time or another we have all suffered any. Neck vertebrae are very vulnerable since it is the weakest area of the column holding the head, weighing between 4 and 8 kilos, while allowing rotation thereof.

All the nerves pass through the shoulder and arm to the hand, meaning that any movement can cause cervical pain or functional disability in these parts.

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Many factors cause pain in the neck, shoulders and arms;

· Poor posture while sleeping.

· The bad positions at work (head tilted forward when we're at the computer, put phone between ear and shoulder).

· The bad gestures (or lifting or sports).

· Traffic accidents.

· The stress of life, etc.

As a result many people come to lose the natural curve of the neck and have stiffness and tension in the neck, which results in irritation of nerves that can radiate to the shoulders, elbows and hands.

Neck Pain

You often experience neck pain because your muscles are overworked to try to recover the normal curve of the cervical spine. So you end up with painful muscle spasms that can also cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, sore arm.


Massages only mask the symptoms, relieving them temporarily. Instead, to re position the vertebrae in place, the doctor of chiropractic is the best option who treats both the pain and the root of the problem.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is usually caused by an incorrect position of the shoulder that puts pressure on the nerves and tendons of the rotator cuff making (tendinitis) to swell and even to get injured. There are also other possibilities that can cause shoulder pain:

· Arthritis in the shoulder joints

· Bursitis, inflammation of a fluid-filled sac that is inside of joints and helps the shoulder to move better.

· Frozen shoulder syndrome, stiff tendons, muscles and ligaments of the shoulder causing pain on movement.

· Shoulder dislocation or fracture.

All these problems come from misalignment of the shoulder, and wears clamp tendons, muscles and nerves in the shoulder. You must also recognize that shoulder controls cervical nerve (neck) and dorsal (back)

Before resorting to surgery or infiltrations, you must go to the doctor of chiropractic, since in most cases it can be a radiating pain, i.e from a pinched nerve in the neck.

Arm Pain

The most dreaded condition called cervicobrachialgia is a shooting pain that often starts as a tingling, or a sensation of heat and cold and going from the neck to the arm and sometimes hand.

Usually it comes from a protrusion or herniated disc or a pinched nerve in the neck.

By the help of chiropractic specialist, you get very good results in this case. As a result of specific setting that helps restore normal movement and positioning the vertebrae nerve releasing irritation that radiates to the arm.

Elbow Pain

The most famous pain is "tennis elbow" or lateral epicondylitis, which is an inflammation of the tendons. A specific chiropractic adjustment elbow therapy help rebalance the joint to its improves innervation also relax the tendons and muscles. However, unless being an accomplished tennis player, suffering a tennis elbow is something very rare. In most cases it is a problem of nerve compression at the cervical level, the doctor of chiropractic specializes in treating this type of pain.


chiropractor will examine and perform diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is causing your pain tests. If, as in most cases, it is the cervical, perform active release adjustments therapy to relieve pressure on pinched nerves and vertebrae positioned correctly. At the same time, chiropractic care for neck pain can improve the mobility of the cervical area as muscle.

Chiropractic adjustments  relieve pain and fix the problem such as eliminating the pressure on the nerves and muscles and returning the movement and right to the column position. Always find experienced Chiropractor  in Denver.

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